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Your entry for your country's Drum-Off competition will be processed upon the successful upload of your videos below. If you are not ready with your videos, don't worry! Email us for a private link to upload your videos when you are ready. Be sure to name your videos as per instructions below. However if you are ready with your videos, continue to below.

Please ensure that your videos are:

  • of the same drum solo

  • recorded in the LANDSCAPE mode (16:9 ratio)

  • shot in 2 different angles and ensure that the videos are named clearly

  • 4-minute long in duration

  • properly named, stating the competing category, name and country, however no watermarks on the video (eg. [Open-John Doe-USA] or [Junior-Jane Doe-Singapore])

  • no usage of backing music tracks, electronics or any accompaniment of musicians

  • for anything unclear, visit the F.A.Q.for Competitors.

NOTE: If you are submitting the video for a Competitor under 18 years old, please complete the Parental Consent form below BEFORE uploading the videos.

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Thank you for your submission!

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