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  • Register for your country Drum-Off before June 23, 2021.
    (registration fee is $40 USD from now till June 22, 2021)

  • Book your spot, start crafting, start practicing, record your solo whenever you are ready!

  • Your drum-solo videos will only be accepted between on 23 June to 1 July, 2021. Submit via wetransfer.com

  • Professional Judges from your country or Drum-Off Global will judge your drum-solo video

  • The top drummer of your country for the respective categories will be the representative that will enter into Drum-Off Global 2021.

REGISTRATION FEES for country drum-offs:

  • Early Bird pre-registration from April till 22 June 2021: $40 USD

  • Registration fee during 23 June till 1 July 2021: $45 USD


CATEGORIES (Acoustic Drum set):

Open to all genders

  • Super Junior – age 7 & below

  • Junior  – age 8 till age 12

  • Intermediate  – age 13 till age 18

  • Open –  age 19 and older


  • All country Drum-Offs 2021 are open to drummers* of all races, nationalities and genders worldwide and we welcome both new, aspiring and established drummers to participate.
    *Drummers with annual income of not more than USD 45,000 from drumming work, based on the previous tax year.


  • Should the Drum-Off Global organization require it at any juncture, the competitor is obligated to provide his / her previous year’s personal income tax records via email and will remain as classified and private information at all times and only privy to the staff at Drum-Off Global.

  • You must be a citizen or permanent resident proven by official documents in order to take part in your country drum-off and represent your country thereafter.

  • All competitors can only participate in ONE Drum Set Solo category of their choice and they must also be eligible for.

  • Former winning representative of any country drum-off connected to Drum-Off Global, but he or she did not win the Global champion title… may join this year’s competition again.



  • From April till 22 June 2021
    Fill the form accurately, send a clear picture of yourself playing the drums and make payment. (it will all be on the same page)


*Make sure there are NO text or watermark on your video


**But do save your drum-solo video with your “Full name, Age, Category and Country”


  • Go to Form here.


For Drum-Off Taiwan, please visit their website instead.



  • A 4:00 mins to 4:30 mins ‘continuous stationary shot’ drum solo from the front view recorded in the LANDSCAPE mode (16:9 ratio) Resolution should be 1920x1080 pixels.


  • Make sure your face (no masks) and hands are seen clearly. Make sure the lighting is enough to have a clear view.


  • No edits on video are allowed, no multiple camera edits are allowed. But make sure the audio sounds good and clear. No over-dubbing is allowed.


  • The judging panel reserves the right to disqualify you should they hear any instances of audio edit or see any kind of video edit that amounts to dishonesty.  


  • This is the correct video angle:














  • Play on Acoustic Drum set

  • Add mounted acoustic percussion (cowbells, blocks, tambourine etc.) to Drum set 

  • Add hand drums and use sticks to play on them during my drum solo


  • Play on Electronic Drums/Pads

  • Play with Electronic Triggers

  • Add tuned percussion (like xylophone, marimba, timpani, handpan etc.) to Drum set 

  • Add backing music to your drum solo

  • Sing or Rap during my drum solo 

  • Put texts or watermarks on your video 



  • Technique

  • Groove

  • Showmanship

  • Creativity & Choreography

  • Musicality

  • On-screen presence

  • Usage of any relevant and suitable stick tricks to add value to your drum performance is allowed

  • Usage of any relevant original ‘country rhythm’ is encouraged



  • Take your skill & musicality to another higher level through this competition

  • Be the top in your country and represent your country proudly in the GLOBAL round where up to 197 countries can be represented.


Chris Coleman said this in 2018 concerning joining a Drum-Off:
“Use it as Exposure and Accept the Pressure. It will help you from that perspective… if nothing else.”