how do i register

If your country has her own country Drum-Off and her own website affiliated with Drum-Off Global, please use their forms.
For country Drum-Offs facilitated by FEST EVENTS INTERNATIONAL:

3 Steps

  1. Make the payment for the registration fee (click here)

  2. Fill up the form and submit a clear picture of yourself playing the acoustic drum set

  3. Submit 2 videos to the upload link provided

Video 1 : a 4 mins ‘continuous stationary shot’ drum solo from the front view, recorded in the LANDSCAPE mode (16:9 ratio)
Video 2 : the same 4 mins ‘continuous stationary shot’ drum solo as video 1 but this video will be shot from the left or right view, recorded in the LANDSCAPE mode (16:9 ratio)

No edits on video are allowed, no multiple camera edits are allowed. But make sure the audio sounds good and clear. No over-dubbing is allowed. Make sure the lighting is enough to have a clear view.


Please refer to picture here for suggestion on how you should film your 2 videos, both at the same time.

Read both F.A.Q. for full understanding of this competition.



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