what is drum-off global?

Drum-Off Global is an annual international drum competition that gives drummers an opportunity to showcase their skills in a drum solo on an acoustic drum set without any backing tracks or use of electronics.


Since its inception in 2017, Drum-Off Global has become the biggest drum competition & the only Worldwide Drum Solo competition, elevating more than 800 drummers from as many as 54 countries. The competition have also helped drummers in their pursuit for music-related careers and putting them on a grand and well received platform, allowing their talent to shine even brighter. 

In 2021, we will continue with the unique format and the first and only in the world:


When we say "everywhere", we mean everywhere. All 197 countries on the planet will have their own Drum-Off, and after their winners/country representatives are chosen, they will not stop there; they will progress up to the global level; to drum-off against all other country representatives through an ONLINE format. No more boundaries, No more hurdles, No more obstruction to your right to be the one to represent your country on the global stage and to win in Drum-Off Global!

Why join

drum-off global?



super junior

age 7 & under


age 8 to 12


age 13 to 18


age 19 & above

We have your career

and ambitions in mind.

This is your chance to represent your country on the global platform of exciting drumming, against other country winners around the WORLD.

We want to see all drummers fulfill their full potential. When you join our competition, we wish to see you constantly evolving and improving yourself, so that you can put the best version of you and your solo out there.

Go on...craft and perform that best Drum Solo you can come up with, you never know 
where it will take you next!


Find your country!

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 Email us for more information: contact@drumoffglobal.org 

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