Get involveD!

DRUM-OFF GLOBAL endeavors to do great things to keep the passion alive in the worldwide drumming industry. There's massive amount of work being done in this website and for the whole initiative. 

Anyone, Everywhere can get involved!

If you are a professional working drummer or a famous drummer:

- Write in to volunteer as a judge for your country drum-off 


- Share the website on your social media

- Don't deprive any drummer from joining the competition

If you are a drummer and you love drumming: 
- Join the competition & represent your country loud and proud
- Share the website to your friends and on your social media

If you run a music or drumming organization of some sort:
- Ask to become a Country Organizer (email
- Don't deprive any drummer in your country from joining the competition
- Share the website 
to your customers and members and also on your social media

If you want to donate to our meaningful initiative:
- Write to us at 

If you are not a drummer but know of some drummers in your country or amongst your family and friends: 
- Don't deprive them from joining the competition
- Share the website to your friends and on your social media
- Cheer for your country's drummers

We sincerely thank you in advance for partnering us in the mission and vision. Any kind of monetary giving, registration fee, funding and all kinds of other support we receive goes a long way towards this world-wide coordination, linking up of drummers across the planet and maintaining this massive website containing 197 country Drum-Off pages.






 Email us for more information: 

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