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At Drum-Off Global, we do understand the cynical views many people have of a Music or Art competition of any sort but we do want to also say that Drum-Off Global have way more important messages than just being a “competition” that does nothing else other than telling who is first or second etc. 

Elevating Drummers EverywherE

the Core Mission & the spirit of Drum-Off Global


Not treating music or drumming as a sport at all, but since its a competition, that becomes the common denominator. Like the Olympic games and to inculcate a TRUE Olympic Spirit, this is a competition to better ourselves.


The only competitor is yourself, the only person to beat is yourself.

Start on a blank page

In our years of research, we find it to be unfair to judge drummers via playing to songs. Imagine one playing to a Bruno Mars song, V.S. another to a Snarky Puppy song and V.S. another to a Dream Theater song. Therefore everyone starting on a BLANK PAGE, writing his/her composition & perfecting the execution of the solo is what we have chosen as the fairest way.


Maintaining the main criteriasskills/technique, groove, originality, musicality creativity, stage presence & overall performance.


It promotes Camaraderie+Unity of drummers across the globe as its an event that extends beyond what we see on a daily basis. It is a competition that is bigger than the country and self.


A Platform where The Nations Gather.

NATIONAL Importance

The veteran and professional drummers of a country have the tasks to “pay it forward” to the next generation of great drummers. A focus for gathering & honing talents and a focus for the veterans to leave a genuine legacy. And this would be doing it at a country level and NOT for self-interest or a small circle of people. That is why our goal is to look for responsible country DRUM-OFF organizers.


A country Drum-Off organizer is dedicated:

  • to strengthening the importance of Drumming+Music in the lives of drummers in the country

  • to empower & support country competitors and winning representatives to achieve sustained competitive excellence and well-being

MUSIC is Great & Necessary

Drumming as a sub component can add to make music greater make Music & Drumming bigger in your own country.

We have chosen to have competitors only perform Drum Solo for a very simple reason. We know many drummers are afraid of performing a drum solo because it is always tough to play a drum solo especially those free form standalone solos. No one is nearly “good enough”, maybe not even some of the greatest drummers.


Coming up with a 4 min solo that; has creativity, momentum, ‘storyline’, presence, shows great technique, advances your skills, entertains, enthuses, is pulsating, grooves hard and shows originality & some form of musicality is no easy feat.


A Drum Solo will test every facet of your drumming including your confidence. A drum solo will put all that you have been practicing and learning into good use and focus. there is nowhere to hide during a drum solo. And it takes incredible discipline to even start composing it and practicing it.

How Competition makes you BETTER

1. Competition mutes critics and builds courage

2. Competition helps us find faults

3. Competition increases productivity and encourages new ideas

4. Competition can end in respect, not anger

Written by Samuel Bacharach, McKelvey-Grant Professor, Cornell University @samuelbacharach

To sum up… we would like to borrow the definition of “the Olympic spirit” and replace the “olympic” with “drum-off global” and we all will find that it still has the same meaning.

The original definition of “the Olympic spirit”...

“Not to win but to take part”
The Drum-Off Global spirit is best expressed in the Olympic Creed: "The most important thing in the Drum-Off Global is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.


Drum-Off Global gives us the chance to celebrate our shared humanity, and the object of the competitors should be to express this humanity by performing fairly and honestly to the best of their natural ability. The Drum-Off Global spirit can be seen in all those who compete in the Games, not just in those who win the medals. This spirit can be seen in Drummers from poorer parts of the world, who have little chance to develop their skills or gain experience, but who do the best they can with limited resources, and who REPRESENT THEIR COUNTRY with pride and dignity.


In the spirit of Drum-Off Global, the most important thing is to have taken part fairly, and to have done one's best. 

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