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Awards for
Drum-Off Global
world champions

There will be a total of 4 world champions for 2021
1 from open category
1 from intermediate category
1 from junior category
1 from super junior category

Just like the Olympics that only award the finest champions with gold medals, our goal is to recognize the achievement of the world champion with an Award that has a sole authority and with the word "World Champion" inscribed on it.

LIke a gold medal, the Cymbal Trophy was first introduced to the whole world by Drum-Off Global in 2017 and it is the original and ultimate emblem of recognition for the champions. This award is the most important!

a) each world champion will receive a singular unique cymbal trophy made by Istanbul Agop. 

b) other than that, for 2021, we will also award each champion an Istanbul Agop ClapStack. Again an original and singular creation, the ClapStack is a worthy add-on to any cymbal set up. 

c) on top of all that, we have 2 more practical ways to enrich the drumming journey of the world champions...
Each world champion will have a 1-1 mentorship online masterclass with
Chris Coleman and Anika Nilles! That means 2 exclusive mentorship masterclasses for each champion.

(timings will be arranged to your convenience and availability of Chris and Anika) 


Chris Coleman long2.png
Anika Nilles Long2.png
clapstack transparent.png
Agop boon Super Junior edit winner cymbal 2021.png
Agop boon JUNIOR edit winner cymbal 2021.png
Agop boon Intermediate edit winner cymbal 2021.png
Agop boon OPEN edit winner cymbal 2021.png
clapstack transparent.png
clapstack transparent.png
clapstack transparent.png


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